Kompressor BD50F 101N0210

3,960.00 kr

Variable speed compressor designed for 12V and 24V DC power supply dedicated for use in means of transport such as vessels, ships, yachts, caravans, trucks and buses. The necessary equipment for BD series compressors is an electronic module that enables the compressor to start and work, and thanks to the internal voltage measurement system it automatically adjusts the compressor to the applied voltage. In addition, the module protects the compressor against overload and the battery against discharge. Due to low energy consumption and a wide supply voltage range BD50F can be used in systems powered by solar batteries.
Technical data:
Height: 137 mm
Displacement: 2.5 cm3
Medium volume: 0.3 kg
Oil quantity: 150 cm3
Refrigerant: R134a
Resistance: 1.8 Ohm
Nominal voltage: max 24 V
Nominal voltage: min. 12 V.
Weight: 4.4 kg


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