Kylaggregat unit TECUMSEH Silensys SILFH 4524 Z XG

24,888.00 kr

Refrigerant R404A/R452A/R448A/ R449A
Working range[stC] M/HBP -25 do +15
Nominal capacity [W] evaporating temperature -10C [R-404A]: 3322
Power supply 380- 420V 3~50Hz / 460V 3~ 60Hz
Receiver volume [L] 2,35
Liquid [inch] 3/8″
Suction [inch] 5/8″
Dimensions: (lenght x width x height) [mm] 573x1156x837
Weight [kg] 86,0
The capacity is given for an outdoor temp. 32 deg.C and gas temperature on return 20 deg.C

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